Which of these names will prevail...

I am baffled by the strength of creativity and the aggressive marketing techniques.

During my last trip to London, three official art fairs (plus the various galleries that show together in hotels)opened their doors; plus “ China Power Station “ ,an exhibition presented by the Serpentine Gallery at the Battersea Power Station showing a selected group of young Chinese talents, plus a handful of gallery and Museum openings. A vibrant scene that requires the spectator to digest and to refocus continuously…A process which is similar to financial institutions that launch new products in order to compete and attract new clientele. The most important task is to define what our expectations really are and what fits into what we believe may be productive, either for monetary gain or nd sheer pleasure.

At present London together with New York and some German important cities, the center core in the Art Scene. From the first moment of its opening hours ,as in all main Art Fairs, eager buyers ,private and institutional,rush through the stands accompanied by curators and family members in order to have a broader “task force” in reserving “The” pieces.They regroup and will make decisions over the next few hours…..The demand is greater then supply for certain names…I found quite a few pieces fascinating .One 9in particular cought my attention.It was the recreation of the Gino de Dominicis(1947-1998)installation shown at the Venice Biennale .His body of works focuses on immortality using ethereal and ephemeral presentations.” Second Solution to Immortality, the Immobility of the Universe” shown by the Wrong Gallery.A man with Down Syndrom sitting in a corner stares at three basic objects.For some unexplainable reason, an actress who usually plays masculine roles was chosen for this one….As you look at the image you can judge weather you find it necessary to appeal to such absurdities and extremes to portray such feeling.

In another city block, the Gagosian Gallery opens a Jeff Koons exhibition “Cracked Egg”(Blue).This piece is part of the “ Celebration Series” -16 canvases and twenty five completely different sculptures inspired by his childhood experiences. Two meters long by 157 cms wide made out of stainless steel and a high gloss chrome finish ,it is the first of 5 pieces, all made in vivid colors .The new Koons Icon that was purchased for a astronomical sum even before the vernissage!

A few days after the Frieze frenetic activity, an extraordinary Velasquez retrospective opened it’s door to the public.46 masterpieces that need no introduction! Exhibited in naturally lit halls ,just as the one used when they were created ,its surfaces ,the treatment of each segment ,weather it is or skin and his amazing manipulative power Establishing links between the spectator and each of his characters create a magical almost hypnotic effect .Even the portrait of Philip the IV with his obvious Habsburg jaw ,not being the most extraordinary one, allows us to confirm the pictorial strength of this great master. A step back and you will enjoy a perfectly rendered image of silver floral patterns on velvet. From a short distance ,this segment becomes a handful of loose brushstrokes .Illusion created by perception….

It is obvious that all these descriptions awake in us diverse emotions Maybe it is the virtuosity of Velasquez skills that may attract me.A parameter that is difficult to leave aside for those who grew up with it. Nevertheless ,so many other proposals and art forms can release endorphins !
Fascinated by the luminosity captured by the Mayan stone’s surfaces, Sean Scully, in his great retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum ,exhibits his “Wall of Light” series.
Watercolors ,pastels and oil paintings capture each light beam. Displaced in vertical and horizontal rectangles ,a vast chromatic spectrum and thick layers of uneven brushstrokes
modulate light and create depth.No matter how much time elapses,the surface vibrates and you can say with ease that abstract painting is alive!
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A selection of 100 pieces , ceramics, sculptures and prints are displayed at the Met in an exhibition devoted to Ambroise Vollard ,rightly proclaimed “Patron of theAvant-Garde”, “art dealer and promoter of the late XIX and early XX who shaped the careers of many artists. Seventy years later, each of these “chosen ones” remains in the “Hall of Fame”.It will be fascinating to see,80 years from now, which of the artists promoted and auctioned at present will keep its place. Of the three pieces shown at th top of this Newsletter,which one do you thing will prevail.

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Iris Ramler Stein
Iris Ramler Stein