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I find it surprising that in the 21st century, the gender factor is often underlined in exhibitions, only when it concerns artists who happen to be women. Although they have met opposition for the simple fact of being women, throughout history they have been an integral part in the development of the arts in general. In previous decades, in the midst of societies that had them linked only to household chores, they had to struggle for their acceptance and recognition.

Using pseudonyms, intermediaries that sometimes signed their works as their own, they managed to gradually penetrate in those fields labeled as "masculine". Partly, their inclusion began as a consequence of wars. With their men in the battle fields, they had to take the lead as heads of family and to venture into all sorts of terrains to cover their needs. A new female working class was taking shape. Their position in society was restated further more with the Feminist campaigns of the 50's and 60's. The arts in general were also a response to this development. Marginalized until now, composers, artists, interpreters, managers, writers started to adequately assume their role as creators. Equal rights were partially achieved in the West, in the second half of the XX Century .It takes generations to wipe out prejudice. Left behind were such comments like the one made by the artist Hans Hoffmann in qualifying the work of Lee Krasner as he walked into her studio: “this is so good you wouldn´t know it was made by a woman”.

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By Iris Ramler


De la serie "Inundados" Acrilico sobre Lienzo 154 x 104 cms
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