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Iris Ramler Stein Gallery

" An extremely lucid mind is required to follow the contemporary art world. Brisk geopolitical changes, a fragile social and economic order, the presence of countries that have never been on “center stage” before and a feverish global creativity, make it even harder to grasp. Bombarded by fascinating commercial set ups that surround the multiple events (Biennales, Fairs, Dokumenta, the list goes on) the spectator is forced to sort at first glance from images, colors , videos…

The exercise becomes even more strenuous when he is requested to depict its conceptual essence. And so, the new cultural tourism, its VIP packages, discounts on airfares and hotels and an efficient mass media deployment, broadens our exposition spectrum, but narrows on the other hand, our perception capability. A cosmopolitan flock dutifully attends previews and galas in a race against time, amidst the heat and the crowds, bypassing endless proposals and cultural expressions.

The almost “abstract” digits at Auction houses, confirm the market position of the “chosen” ones,  who sell out through galleries that represent them faster than ever.  I doubt that many people can describe the sold piece. It is reduced to a mere sum in the headlines..."
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                                                                             by Iris Ramler


Word is that “painting” is being resumed…it may have ceased to be present for decades given its forced way uniquely to conceptual art…Well, we have here a conceptual painter or a Painter with Concepts. Rigorous in its execution as few may be, inspired by the Flemish School, Alfonso Alvarez creates “TROPHIES”.

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